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National Office Furniture, Essay Chairs

In today’s environments, learning isn’t always linear. Students learn by interacting, being social, and collaborating. Essay’s wall friendly design and tray base that allows personal items to be tucked away, under the seat and out of the way. The tablet arm features a non-handed dual work zone that allows left-handers and right-handers to efficiently use both digital devices and paper materials. Learn more about Essay.

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DIRTT, Education

Technology in the education system is ever changing. DIRTT Walls are designed not only to integrate today’s innovations, but are open to whatever tomorrow brings too. Back-painted glass, whiteboards and dry-erase films make every wall open to becoming a writing surface. Universal support means they are suitable from the classroom to the library to the faculty lounge.

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Herman Miller, Libraries

Libraries are one of the facilities on campus where change is, or can be, most visible, although some qualities of the traditional library remain. Most libraries provide both quiet and active spaces for individual and collaborative learning.

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