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In an industry where change is constant, the best investment a healthcare organization can make is in versatile furniture and products that can be arranged as facility needs dictate.

Workplace Resource offers adaptable environments that can provide better financial investments for our customers.

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DIRTT Healthcare

DRITT Healthcare:

Dramatic shifts in healthcare demands and delivery, cost factors and green building requirements are having a profound impact on the development of healthcare facilities. With changes difficult to predict, new building must be designed for flexibility and adaptability. Redevelopment of existing buildings in particular requires building solutions that do not adversely affect air quality or require lengthy construction timeframes.

Adopting modular solutions for interiors can improve building performance and reduce waste creation typically associated with conventional construction. Other benefits include cleaner air during construction and the ability to adapt to future change.

Palisade Collection

Family and friends are a key part of a patient’s healing process. They have an important role as care partners–to help their loved ones get well by staying at their side, supporting their needs, and listening to and exchanging important information with the healthcare staff. Palisade was created to support this crucial work of family and friends. By creating a comfortable and responsive setting, they feel welcome and connected to the patient. Palisade provides a dedicated space for guests and is designed to provide them with a sense of belonging as they become part of the care team.

Terra Casegoods

Terra Casegoods for Treatment Areas

Developed for treatment areas, Terra provides modular components that combine to support a variety of healthcare applications, including infusion bays. Adjustability, personal control and an efficient use of space respond to the diverse needs of patients, families and caregivers. And while it’s designed to withstand tough healthcare environments, Terra projects a warm, inviting look that helps patients and guests feel at ease.


Learning spaces are changing. Workplace Resource helps our clients create collaborative, flexible environments that support the needs of various departments and disciplines.

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