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Workplace Resource specializes in modular interior construction that is highly flexible, sustainable and cost-effective. The solutions offer customers and A&D firms unique aesthetic and schedule compression opportunities. We are aligned with DIRTT’s family of award-winning solutions including DIRTT Walls, DIRTT Millwork, DIRTT Power, DIRTT Networks, and ICE® technology.

Project Highlights


Austin-based Luminex is developing new biological testing technologies. The facility is reflective of this innovation.

McLane Intelligent Solutions

Located in Temple, Texas, McClane provides technology solutions for commercial, defense, and government industries. The project utilized DIRTT walls to create a unique setting for an impressive baseball memorabilia collection.

DOD Medical Command

Military facilities are often challenged to adapt for reuse for functions different from those when originally built. DIRTT walls provide a dual function, supporting collaborative spaces while acting as a chase to manage data and electrical needs.

Federal Facility

Our full MAPS portfolio was utilized to transform a 75,000 square foot space from shell to move-in in thirteen weeks.

Build Better With DIRTT

The DIRTT approach is less a modular wall system than it is an adaptive approach to rapid construction.

At the core of the solution is a set of simple yet robust interface elements that support reconfiguration, extreme levels of customization, and distributed manufacturing.

This approach is key in ensuring the successful installation of a custom solution in a short period of time.

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DIRTT solid walls are parametric in size and universally and horizontally support all new and legacy furniture, fixtures and equipment. Each wall side performs and is aesthetically independent of the other. Tiles can be on or off-module. A/V can be elegantly integrated inside or seamlessly mounted on the face of the walls. Post-move-in the wall cavities are accessible for maintaining, replacing or adding technology, plumbing or electrical outlets.

Whether butt-joined for long vistas or in unitized modules, DIRTT Glass Walls offer unheard of levels of custom elevations with the speed, delivery and agility you expect from DIRTT’s prefab behaviors.


DIRTT Power is a quick-connect, pre-tested and adaptable solution. With DIRTT Power, all your electrical requirements arrive on-site in the correct lengths with factory-built components ready to go. The journeyman does connections in one location while less expensive tradesmen click the connections together. No cutting. No bending pipe. No waste. No contingency fee. If you need to move any of your outlets around later, your facilities team simply unplugs and plugs without disrupting the rest of the chain.

DIRTT Networks

DIRTT Networks is a factory built, pre-tested and componentized approach to building sustainable network infrastructure. Similar to DIRTT Power, when you order DIRTT Networks all data requirements arrive on the job site cut to the correct lengths and with components ready to go. Connections simply click together, eliminating the need for inefficient or expensive on-site trades.

DIRTT Millwork

DIRTT Millwork is fully customizable, modular cabinetry that works for nearly any application – healthcare, corporate, residential, education, or government. Hands-free drawers, secure lockers, non-splash-back sinks, overheads, Java Center cabinetry and countertops are some of the many ways DIRTT Millwork can become what you need, in the size you need, at the speed you need. It all hangs from the horizontal support in DIRTT Walls, ready to move if needed.

DIRTT Breathe Living Wall

DIRTT brings its sustainable, modular, flexible approach to the world of Living Walls. Breathe™ is a way for everyone to introduce living plants into their interiors to take advantage of the beauty, air cleaning attributes and kick of extra oxygen plants provide, all without using up precious real estate.

Breathe is designed to initially or retroactively attach to DIRTT Walls or conventional walls. Plant pot modules come in different sizes and cantilever into the patented DIRTT support extrusions. Plants are easily added, moved and removed without disrupting adjacent plants.

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